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1. One of the most difficult decisions you will make. We understand that this decision and its outcome impacts on the rest of your life.

2. This divorce process can be very challenging, especially when it involves high profile individuals and complex financial situations.

3. Arriving at an amicable settlement is not always possible. Contested circumstances may compel the need to understand the legal financial landscape.

4. There are different scenarios of divorce situations. For example with/without children to complex ones with assets and private businesses.

5. All assets need to be discovered, especially those that the other spouse might be secreting. When all assets are identified, they must to be appraised.

6. Issues of Child Custody, Parental Access, Child Support, Maintenance etc.

7. Our attorneys will sit with you and review the potential outcomes. Our experience will help you get the best outcome.

8. It is imperative that you choose a law firm that is experienced.

9. Our attorneys have served our clients for many years. Contact us for a Free Consultation.